Best Sites For Testing Your Internet Speed

Internet service providers like to make a lot of claims about upload and download speeds when you sign up, but do you ever wonder how those numbers compare to the speeds you’re actually getting once the connection is set up?

These alternative browser-based speed tests will help you determine your upload and download speeds, as well as identify other issues with your network such as packet loss, latency issues, or physical connection problems. There are a number of factors involved in deciding which speed test results you should take seriously, and which might be hokum. These tests specifically performed better than a lot of others, offering multiple test server locations, more detailed connection information and comparison tools, and better-designed user interface than some of the more basic tests.

All the things taken into consideration, tends to be the most excellent Internet speed test. It’s free, fast, and has accessible to it an enormous list of test locations worldwide, making for more precise results than average. Its nearest server is calculated automatically based on your own IP address.

The keeps a record of all Internet speed tests which you perform and generates a smart graphic result that you could share online as is managed by Ookla, a chief provider of the speed test technology even to the other Internet speed tests sites. Mobile apps for iPhone and Android both are available also from, letting you to test the Internet speed from any of your phone with their servers! is easy to use, provides lots of information on how it works, and uses HTML5, which means it runs well (and fast) on mobile and desktop devices.Multithreading is supported to test your Internet connection speed against multiple servers at once for a single result, or you can choose just one server out of the handful that are available.

One of my favorite things about is all of the comparison data it provides. You're of course given your own download and upload speed, but also how your speeds compare to the average of testers from your ISP, city, and country.


On the forefront of internet speed tests is SpeedOf.Me, which skips the Flash and the Java required by all of the aforementioned broadband testing services. Its use of HTML5 technology means that it works with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices.

While it's claim of being "the smartest and most accurate online bandwidth test," remains up for debate, it can be considered the flashiest internet speed test without the flash. Big wavy lines that stretch the width of your computer screen make up this unique website.

MySpeed Visualware

VisualWare’s Myspeed web test isn’t the meaning of easy to understand, yet it is an effective, quick, and itemized instrument for more than simply measuring how quick you can download that new feature diversion or stream a motion picture. The test gives an extensive variety of information excluded in different tests recorded here, including system consistency rates, inactivity, jitter, round outing time, TCP settings, and even a safety buffer for its own timing so you know whether information didn’t exactly get recorded effectively. Myspeed’s site likewise permits you to check for system execution in light of distinctive undertakings, such as utilizing VOIP and feature administrations, or to check for firewall settings and potential issues. There isn’t a considerable measure of data here, so VisualWare’s Myspeed is prescribed for more propelled clients.

Consumer Bandwidth’s Test

This Consumer Broadband Test tends to be the Internet’s speed test initiated by FCC or Federal Communications Commission in US at could also call this particular broadband test “official” Internet speed test of US however that would be little bit of stretch. This Consumer Broadband Test just is hosted by FCC. Bandwidth testing tends to be performed actually, randomly I should add, either by Ookla or the M-Lab.Whilst it’s not apparent in the information offered by the FCC, we need to assume that the closest probable server is automatically chosen for the speed tests.

Ping Test

While Ping Test isn’t the most full-featured Internet speed test, it is one of the most appealing from an aesthetics standpoint. Its colorful speedometers and flashy backdrop are flash-based, which may change the nature of the results though. Ping Test returns upload and download speeds after averaging out times from a handful of nearby servers that are automatically chosen. After you get your results, charts will show how your speeds compare to the average speeds of other types of connections, as well as estimated times for uploading and downloading files of various sizes. Ping-test also displays latency, but the number was much higher than the values we got using other tests, which may have to do with the way their server selection works (some tests that attempted to identify my location by IP were unable to do so correctly). If you’re in Europe or Asia, Ping Test offers a localized version, which may be just the trick for those outside North America.

iBeast Speed Calculator
The iBeast speed calculator is also a great tool that allows you the option to choose the level of your internet connection. It has two options, namely the 56k dial up option and the broadband option (DSL/T1 etc.). Even though the site design looks very basic it is a really great speed testing tool.

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