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Our smartphone is always mess, and I know there are dozens of pictures inside that are just lying there and wasting precious space. And I never seem to find the right moment to clean things up and make way for new pictures. When my internal storage got full, I just inserted a microSD card to be able to save pictures.

Users have on average 2GB worth of bad & similar photos that are taking up valuable storage on their device and in their photo gallery. That means you need a simple yet effective photo manager to do all the hard work for you and identify immediately the photos you need to get rid of. So, instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of photos to find and clean your unwanted photos, Gallery Doctor saves you time by identifying them immediately. It's the perfect photo management app that allows you to easily free up storage and easily manage your photo gallery.

Manage your photos and free up valuable storage with Gallery Doctor, the fastest growing photo manager that automatically identifies the unwanted photos in your gallery What can Gallery Doctor do you for you? Free up to 35% of your device storage by automatically identifying and cleaning the bad & similar photos clogging your photo gallery. Review and keep the photos you want, clean and delete the ones you don’t. Gallery Doctor has helped users free up to a third of their storage, all on the first-time use! You won’t be needing another photo manager after you’ve tried Gallery Doctor! 

Gallery Doctor, a new app that just hit the Google Play Store, wants to help make the process of identifying and deleting those photos a lot easier. The app can automatically detect photos that you probably didn’t even know you didn’t want. Here are just a few examples:

The most interesting part is that Gallery Doctor works best over time. Use it every month, every week or every day if you so choose, and it will get smarter and figure out which photos you are more likely to ditch in the future. The app will even send out a notification whenever you take a photo it thinks you will most likely opt to discard. That it does all this under a layer of Material Design is just sweet icing on the cake.

Though the Gallery Doctor app for Android is free to download, with no ads or subscriptions in place either, MyRoll has opted to charge $3 to download the iPhone incarnation. We asked MyRoll founder Ron Levy about this disparity.

“We launched Gallery Doctor as a completely new product and we wanted to see how users react,” he says. “The reaction is fantastic with over 75 percent  of users actually accepting our recommendations to delete photos. Since one of the ways we’re looking to monetize Gallery Doctor is through a paid app, we decided to check that first on iOS, given that the Android app is already free.” In other words, MyRoll is exploring monetization options, and it hasn’t decided how to do so yet.

It’s worth noting that the main MyRoll app on Android (the iOS version was pulled a while back) charges to remove ads, and an additional Premium option is available with add-on services such as cloud storage. These are all potential options for both the Android and iOS versions of Gallery Doctor, so don’t be surprised if the iOS version eventually sheds its download fee.

I wholeheartedly recommend the app to any Android users out there, so go ahead and download it from the Google Play Store and start tidying up things on your device.

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