Best Way To Share Video to Twitter

Sharing videos and adding video to Twitter has become easier. Many websites have Twitter icons, share buttons on articles to help you share anything on your Twitter account. Twitter is growing at a rapid pace and we can all understand why.

There are number services that provide Tweeting your Pic, but very few if you want to upload a video and add video to Twitter. Here we have two services that allow you to record video via webcam, upload videos and track your mentions within Twitter.

This guide will walk you through the simple methods to use for sharing videos to your twitter timeline and/or pages.


TwitVid is by far the most popular video sharing service designed for Twitter. While it doesn’t quite have the ubiquity that TwitPic has, it is still a great tool for video enthusiasts who are restricted to 140-characters or less.

With a single button, you can upload and share a video on Twitter from your computer, phone or webcam, and TwitVid offers Blackberry, iPhone and Android apps as well. The site also lists popular videos and users, so you can browse what’s hot in video on Twitter.


Sometimes the most obvious way to do something is the best way. Such is the case with YouTube. When you find a video you like, you can share it directly to Twitter rather than going through a third-party website or client. Link your YouTube and Twitter accounts to automatically post when you like videos, add them to your favourites, or upload your own content. Let your followers know when you subscribe to a new channel or comment on videos as well. Turn options on or off in the Sharing section of your account so that you don’t have to share everything with Twitter if you don’t want to.


Perhaps the easiest and simplest ways to share videos, photos and audio on Twitter. No need to copy any link. With Twitlens, you can either sign in your Twitter account on the webpage to upload a video or you can upload your videos anonymously.

Just make sure that the video is not more than 25 mega bite. It will post the video directly to twitter.


If you're looking for a one-stop shop for sharing photos, videos, and a myriad of different file types with Twitter, then Twitc's multipurpose hosting service could be just what the doctor ordered. Not only can you upload your own content — multiple files at a time — but you can also import videos via URLs, so YouTube and Hulu videos are all fair game.

What you get in extra features from Twitc comes with a cost. It takes more than just a few steps to actually tweet a video (and any other content you want to share). Before uploading content, you'll need to create and name your albums (which are like folders). Then while you're uploading or adding content, you can specify the appropriate album. Finally, you can return to your albums to select the appropriate video or image, and then click to push out to your Twitter stream.

Twitc is not the most immediate way to share videos with Twitter, but it does come with some extras that might make the additional steps worthwhile. With Twitc, not only can you update your Twitter status (no video or image required), but you can search, comment, favorite, and check out the most viewed, highest rated, or just plain random content on the site.


The luxury that other video sharing website doesn’t have can be found on DailyMotion. According to Wikipedia, It is available all around the world in 18 different languages and as much as 35 localized versions that features indigenous videos.

So if you want to upload a video that will be seen by people within your locality, use DailyMotion. Sign up and you are good to upload. Then send the link to your twitter page or timeline.


BubbleTweet is a fun, short way to send video messages to your Twitter followers. You can record a message, and it will be presented in a small bubble for easy viewing. The video plays from your BubbleTweet profile, but it would be neat if this service could somehow be integrated within

Let us know if you have any other app that do it, and if you use one of these from above how is your experience.

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