How to Clean Up Your Inbox With One Click With Unroll Me

Is your inbox full of garbage? Are you constantly being annoyed by unwanted newsletters and other dumb emails that make opening your Gmail feel like a terrible chore? I have been using the email address for quite some time now. In that time, I have shared it with lots of websites, because, in most cases, I had to. You know the scenario. Whenever you want to join a forum or a particular community, follow a blog or a business magazine, you have to go through that standard registration process and submit your email address to a certain database. Once you do it, once you leave your info, you start to get bombarded with all sorts of promotional emails, coupons, special offers, and all that other standard nonsense.

Although Gmail is trying its best to list and recognize what is useful and what is useless information, it tends to have certain trouble detecting what is trash for you and what isn’t. During these last couple of years, there were some cases where Gmail managed to misplace my wanted data. Falling victim to the same error several times, I decided to leave nothing to chance. Every day I receive tons and tons of emails in my inbox, and I have to go over all of them, just to be 100 percent sure that I didn’t miss anything important.

Luckily for me, I came across this thing called

What is accesses your email inbox and allows you to easily clean it up with just a few clicks. It’s an optimal tool for people who have racked up a lot of email list subscriptions over the past few years or so. is a brilliant solution for those who want to completely get rid of some newsletters, and stay on top of their favorite ones without the inbox clutter. At this time, only works with Gmail/Google Apps email accounts, but they are working on solutions for other users.

To start, simply log in with your Google account, and let gather all your subscriptions into its rollup. If you have many, this could take a few minutes. When it’s done, will present you with a pretty long list of emails, some of which may not even me newsletters. Simply go over this list and click the minus icon to unsubscribe.

After getting set up with, you should notice a tab at the bottom labeled “Recommended for You,” which gives you about three lists you may wish to subscribe to, determined by your current list of subscriptions. Click the plus ( + ) sign to add it.

The daily rollup is sort of like a digest letter that combines all the email list subscriptions you want to keep and delivers them to you at a predetermined time of day. This is great for keeping your inbox organized, since all your subscriptions are delivered to you in one single email. Clicking the plus ( + ) sign beside any email list subscription adds it to your daily rollup. works with Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo email accounts; the company (also called plans on adding support for AOL and other email services. I’ve had a good experience with and successfully got rid of a couple of dozen annoying subscriptions. Come on, check it out.

Try for free with Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo email accounts.

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