Free Blog Title Generator To Write Catchy Post Headlines

You’ve just been inspired and you’re ready to write the blog post you hope will be a hit. The title not might be the first step in your planning process but it’s fair to say that most people automatically start thinking about what they will call their hit post.After all, you don’t just want any blog title. You want one of those blog titles that gets readers excited before they’ve opened your post.

An average of 8 readers out of 10 will read a blog post title, while less than 3 out of the same 10 readers will read the rest of the article. This simple statistic shows how your post title greatly affects the entire content of your post. So you stop.

In order to quickly get a reader’s attention, you need to find smart ways of coming up with ckickable blog titles. Imagine a reader typing a few keywords on Google search engine. Google returns a list of search results and your post title has emerged along side with other related blogs in your niche. What do you think your reader does first?

It’s very simple. He or she will scan through the list and choose for the best post title. To achieve this, you need to have a catchy title for your blog post and if you need help with this, I’m listing down few popular catchy blog title generator which will generate blog titles based on your keyword. Some of them are too good to be true and I suggest you to bookmark these title ideas generator for anytime use.

Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot

This is another popular blog topic generator tool which helps you to generate title for your blog post or you can also use it to get new post ideas. Simply add your keyword in the field and it will show you titles that you can use or you can write about. This is one of my favourite topic generator tool.

Portent's Content Idea Generator

This website tool is downright awesome. I couldn’t say it enough (no really, I could talk about this all day)! If you’re looking for a tool that can pump out funny, clever, creative headlines for you to use on your blogs or in your emails, this is the one for you. You simply add in your subject, press circle button and voilà! You’ve got an epic headline.

And if for whatever reason you don’t think that using a headline like, “Why Creating Catchy Headlines is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread” is the headline for you, just push the button until Portent pops out a headline guaranteed to pull in even the most critical reader.

Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator 

No need to enter a keyword or other information when using this generator. Just keep clicking the green button to see more ideas, which Inbound Now promises will appeal to real people and search engines. Still feeling stuck? Click the big blue button, type in a long tail keyword and see what comes up.

TweakYourBiz Title Generator 

This is my favorite tool at the moment when it comes to blog title suggestions for my posts, simply because it doesn’t generate just one or 5 headlines it generates hundreds of them, how cool is that?

All you have to do is go through them and choose one that perfectly fits your content. Sure most won’t match your content but usually you will find at least one that is just amazing.

Give me a headline by Kalutu

In our new blogging platform, Kalatú, our creators understood how time-consuming it can be to come up with a headline for your blogs. So as a gift to all future bloggers, a new feature that was created specifically for Kalatuú was the “Give Me a Headline” generator.

You enter the keywords you wish to use or the concept you wish to blog about, and Kalatú will give you SEO-optimized blog headlines for you to choose from. Save yourself time, energy, and from losing your mind by using this sexy new feature from Kalatú.

Headline Wizard by Tim Gross
Tim Gross’ Headline Wizard is something of a wild-card here. It’s actually designed more for copyrighters – as a way for them to generate punchy headlines and subheads for sales letters but in actuality it can be used just as well for article and blog post title suggestions. It’s rather more complicated than the other tools mentioned here is that you’ll need to think more carefully about the overall subject of your content; it’s general theme, the benefits to your readers and the positive results they should expect.

However once you’ve come up with some powerful benefits the tool spits out a seemingly endless list of catchy, click-worthy titles that can do very well indeed on social media sites. The tool isn’t perfect – you may need to modify the suggestions a little bit or try a few different searches until you understand how the keywords you enter are used to generate the titles but this is definitely a tool worth bookmarking for regular use.

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