Bluewire: Bluetooth Handset Which Can Take And Record Phone Calls Hands-Free

Taking a call while driving is dangerous enough, which is why it’s banned in at least 14 states, plus D.C. and other US territories (and that’s what Bluetooth headsets are there for). But writing while driving—that ups the danger level quite significantly. Hopefully, when the Bluewire bluetooth device finally hits the market, these dangers could be a thing of the past. It might just be that good.

Bluewire looks like a fairly standard, albeit chunky, hands-free Bluetooth headset. But it charges wirelessly thanks to Qi charging support, it uses NFC for quick pairing with a smartphone, and it’s even got an accelerometer built-in. Plus, it can record any phone call or VoIP call that passes through it.Looking at the specifications of this Bluetooth headset, we get to know it stores the recordings on its 16 GB internal memory, which can be later transferred to your handsets via NFC; but here comes a condition, one must ensure that they've installed the companion Android or iOS app in their mobile phones. 

The device has extra features beyond simply recording calls. It has a built-in accelerometer, similar to the smartphones it connects to. The video demonstrating the product shows it used to locate phones, keys, as well as acting as a burglar alarm. It even has a built-in flashlight.

The device could be especially useful to journalists, who need to make sure they capture conversations, as well as businesspeople. It could be used to comply with regulations like Dodd-Frank, but it would have to connect to other internal IT systems.

According to its creator Avi Gilor, Bluewire can record up to 1,000 hours of audio on a pre installed MicroSD card which can also be accessed with the help of a mobile app, the Bluewire app. Other than allowing storage of recordings, the app even records the time and date of the call along with the caller ID information which can be used for future use. With the Bluweire app, one can even download the audio files to one’s PC or even share it on cloud storage such as Dropbox as well.

As long as it’s paired with your phone and in range, whether you’re using the Bluewire ™ headset, another Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, or even your car’s hands-free system, Bluewire ™ will automatically record your conversations for you.

Easy to Charge  Wirelessly through Qi Wireless Pad. If you don’t know what Qi charging is, it’s a standard that lets many phones and devices charge just by leaving it on the charger. We want you to use Bluewire™ as easily as possible, so we’ve integrated the Qi wireless antenna – not only is it a mark of true technological and design innovation, it makes your life just that much easier.

Although the device isn’t the most streamlined on the market — it’s 55mm long, and 21mm wide — it is small enough to fit on a keyring and double as a keyfinder. If you’ve misplaced your keys, using the Bluewire app on your smartphone will make the Bluewire sound an audible alert. Likewise, if it’s the smartphone that’s misplaced, tapping on the Bluewire will make the handset ring loudly.

As for battery life, it should be good for four hours of talk time or two and a half hours of recording time and, because it supports the Qi wireless charging standard, there’s no need to fiddle with cables and plugs when the battery’s flat.

Bluewire’s makers are offering the standard device to early bird backers for $149 — it will eventually retail for $269. Meanwhile, a special Ivory edition with 32BG of on-board storage and a Qi wireless charging pad can be snapped up for $295.

Bluewire which is Gilor’s first consumer product can appeal to buyers on grounds that not only it is simple to use but is efficient as well as it records calls of both sides on handsets, PCs (Skype) and even on car hands free system. Apart from call recording, Bluewire also comes equipped with additional features such as wireless charging and an accelerometer which gives the device the ability to locate keys and phone if Bluewire is attached to it.

Since recording audio without permission is restricted in some locations, one will have to see how Bluewire resolves that issue in its device.

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