Officially Released Of AirDroid 3

Three years ago, AirDroid released its very first version in an effort to manage your android device simply by a web browser without cable. After 3 years, many users really want more than that, one of the strongest voice is: I want to reply WhatsApp msg via AirDroid, I want to control my android device by mouse and keyboard. We heard your voice, we do.

According to AirDroid Team "I knew that you found echoes in your mind when Apple was talking about their Continuity and Handsoff at WWDC this year, you were thinking of AirDroid and you were expecting something even more than that." The Team continued "With AirDroid 3, your multi-screen life is easy like never. You won’t miss any important messages while focusing on your work. You could receive/reply SMS on computer, most importantly, you can put your android device under full control by mouse and keyboard, even without your phone with you."

New features in AirDroid 3:

AirMirror allows you to mirror the whole screen of your Android device to computer, and interact with all the apps installed using the computer’s mouse and keyboard. A great use case is WhatsApp. When you receive a WhatsApp message on your phone, the notification will be pushed to your computer in real time. Click on the notification and AirMirror will get started, mirroring the phone’s screen on the computer, allowing you to respond to the WhatsApp message. AirMirror is still a beta feature which supports only rooted devices with android 4.0 to 5.0 only (darn! 5.0 is not included, just yet).  We’re working with android device manufacturers and mobile carriers around the world to make AirMirror work on their devices out of box without rooting. Notification Mirror. You can control which notifications you want to appear on your desktop. Real-time alerts from apps are mirrored to your desktop directly.

Superfast file sharing
Though AirDroid has evolved to do a lot more than transfer files, but that has been its USP. You can transfer movies within less than a minute between your Android and PC, using Wi-Fi. Once you get hold of this, it is going to be the default file sharing app for you. It is easy, quick and hassle free.

SMS Alert
Suppose, your mobile is away from your PC but connected over AirDroid. At such moment, you have received a new SMS and you need to reply back as soon as possible. To do so, now, you do not have to get your phone and reply back. Instead of that, you can simply use your PC to do so. Just click on the notification of SMS and start typing your message.

Call Alert
Alike WhatsApp and regular SMS notification, AirDroid will now let you know about the incoming call. Whenever, someone calls you on your mobile, you will get a real-time notification on your PC, which is connected via AirDroid. This would be also possible to answer, reject or mute the call using this app.

You can also use AirDroid directly to clear data from a remote location. Although, the same functionality can be sourced directly from Android device manager, but to have that functionality incorporated in a frequently used app, makes it more convenient. The intruder feature will take a selfie shot if you fail to enter the correct lock code.

Web Version
Well, even though AirDroid App has improved tremendously with the version 3, web version remains the best part of the service. The desktop client directly links to the Web version, with which you can then access both front and back cameras via your PC and display real time footage. The feature is easy to use and you won’t even waste your battery as the camera app and display won’t be engaged.

AirDroid allows viewing of your contacts and then sending them an SMS.

Redesigned Android Interface
UI is now more intuitive. It's looking a lot less iOS now. The developer could have followed Google's Material  Design guidelines.

End to End Encryption (E2EE)
We’re  always aware of user privacy protection, in AirDroid 3, we take further steps by enabling end-to-end encryption for all SMS, app notifications, contact data, account credentials and other sensitive data transmitting between AirDroid clients. With E2EE, it’s practically impossible for any 3rd party, including the governments, to view the content of your data.

Bottom Line
Certainly, the dedicated AirDroid app has brought tons of great updates. The stability and overall performance of Android app has been increased dramatically in the newest version. On the other hand, this Android app as got a visual design update too.

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