How To Easily Find The largest Files On Your Google Drive

Google drive got it’s early breaks in the market by being far superior at collaborating with others than any other tool out there. This still holds true today. You can have a ton of people working on a document simultaneously and the experience is smooth. Doesn’t matter what device they’re on, you can always see exactly what everyone is doing in real time. Plus see a clear history of activity so you can easily tell who was responsible for deleting that cell.

What do you do when your Google Drive is running out of storage space? You either add more storage or the inexpensive option is that you clean up your Drive and delete the large files that are hogging up the bulk of space. But how do know where these big files are hiding in your Drive?

Today I am posting this small technical guide for finding large data files in google drive.
Well, you use google drive to stock your important data files like google sheets, excel, pdf, docs and also you store music, video and compressed files.Where these data files can be sorted into the list by using “Last Modified” and “Name” column but you can’t sort files by using “File Size” column.

The “List View ” icon in Google Drive is visible to the right end corner near settings, where the icon will switch to either “Grid view” or “List view” in Grid view you can’t see any column sorting files. Where as “List view”  will show the sizes of your files, but unfortunately there’s no option to sort that list by their sizes. Also, Google Drive doesn’t support a Gmail-style size search operator so, unlike your emails, you cannot search for big files in Drive.

There’s however an easy workaround. While you are in Google Drive, go to bottom left corner and you’ll see a link that shows how much storage space you have used. Hover your mouse over that link and then choose Google Drive. Voila! It shows the data size used in all google accounts Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ photos and then choose Google Drive. Voila! .The list you now see is sorted by size and the largest are listed at the top.

If you've not yet chosen to switch to the new Google Drive interface (or seen a prompt asking if you want to) then you can still get to the same screen by pointing your browser at The quota page has been available in Google Drive for some time, but now it's easier to get to, and handy for those times you want to catch up on some cloud housekeeping.

So there you have it, here you have learn how to check the file size in your google drive. you can check the size and if it is not necessary to store you can also delete so you can more space for your important document, in order to take advantage of the vast, hidden benefits of Google drive file storage service.

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