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We’re back again with our roundup of new Android apps and games, and this past week has been a very fruitful one. Do have a look at the list from the previous week and also check out the sister list covering the newest apps and games for iPhone and iPad users, as well. This time, we’ve got some nice games to share with you, but also some big launches in the Android world from important names, such as Google and Microsoft. So, let’s have a look at the new titles, shall we?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Free)

The first thing buyers of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare should do once they get the game doesn’t involve targeting  practice or trying to adjust for the game’s new mechanics. Instead, they should download Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

A video revealed what users can expect from the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion app some time ago, but only recently have the app’s full slate of features coming into focus. Forget player customization, the free download app for this year’s version of the long-running first-person shooter franchise is all about Clans.

Clans are exactly what their name suggests. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare players can create their own groups of players for the game’s multiplayer experience. The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion app is the easiest way to manage these clans. Everything from Clan messages to Clan customization is set within the app. In addition to Clan communication, users can look at any wars their Clan might be participating in, a history of the wars they’ve already competed in and a breakdown of which Clan members are performing the best.

ShutApp [Free]

Battery life is precious, and you want to do everything you can to savour it – especially if you have an older phone. ShutApp will find all the apps that are running in the background so you can shut them down to save both battery life and mobile data. If there are some you want to keep active, you can whitelist them so you don't miss out on anything important.

Tired of the noise from people around you? you are trying to study but you're distracted by that buzz.
Well SHUT THEM UP with SHUT APP  This application checks the level of noise nearby. When the noise exceeds a certain threshold it plays a "SHH!" sound IT IS ALL AUTOMATIC, NO BUTTONS TO PRESS ! You just have to select the threshold and press Start ! - Never miss a good chance to Shut'em Up

New Release
Google Fit (Free)google fit

Google Fit debuted earlier this year at Google I/O and later launched on the Android Wear smartwatch platform. After a few months wait, it’s finally landed on your tablet, phone, and desktop. The app has already gone live on the Play Store and runs on most Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. I tested it on my 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, and it worked without a hitch. There’s also a web app. This doesn’t do much besides provide an interface for you to track your progress from your computer.

How Do You Use It?

Google Fit is available as a free download from the Play Store. Before you install it, you’ll have to agree to let the app access your location and identity data. The app consists of two main views. The first is how many steps you’ve taken, along with a countdown to your average. The second view contains an aggregate of how much exercise you’ve done, along with a breakdown of whether that was cycling, running, or walking.

Once you’ve installed the app, it already starts working out how much physical exercise you’re doing, and of what kind. From the settings page, you can set exercise goals. These can be specified in terms of exercise done and steps taken. The settings page also allows you to delete your personal data from the Google Fit servers as well as manage connected apps.

NotifWidget [Price: $1.26]

NotifWidget a unique application that allows you to check your notifications almost anywhere. It comes with a home screen widget and a lock screen widget that allow you to check and dismiss notifications. There is also DayDream support so you can check and dismiss notifications without waking up your device from DayDream mode. It’s just over a buck which is a good price. If you’re interested, check it out!

The Wolf Among Us (Free)

The Wolf Among Us puts you in the gumshoes of Bigby Wolf, the cigarette smoking, ill-shaven sheriff of Fabletown. While he looks and speaks like a classic film noir protagonist - a gruff voiced, hard-smoking, hard-drinking hardass - Bigby's everyday appearance is merely a glamour; a disguise to hide his true identity. Underneath his human exterior, he is the Big Bad Wolf, the same Big Bad Wolf who tried to lure Little Red Riding Hood to her doom.

Based on the Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us draws you into a world where fairytale characters co-exist in an American-style city. As you investigate the murder at the heart of this first episode, you'll cross paths with familiar faces like Snow White, Ichabod Crane, and Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows. However, the characters have been forced through a decidedly sweary prism, with Mr Toad dropping cockney-flavoured F-bombs in a manner that would make Danny Dyer blush.

But, though the universe is very different to that of The Walking Dead, you can feel the legacy of Telltale's zombie opus at every turn. The conversation trees and quicktime combat sequences will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has spent time keeping Clementine safe from undead hordes.

Despite addressing similar themes of death, hopelessness, and betrayal, however, The Wolf Among Us is a more traditional story than The Walking Dead. Rather than stumbling from one scenario to the next in the hope of surviving another day, you are chasing up leads and investigating crime scenes. In many ways, the game feels like a more linear version of L.A. Noire, albeit with talking frogs instead of 40's mobsters.

Nonetheless, though the narrative thrust of The Wolf Among Us helps to separate it from its rotting predecessor, the game is very much a product of The Walking Dead's success. In many ways this is no bad thing, with the game's decent voice acting and well-paced drama proving once again that Telltale has got a real handle on the interactive storytelling medium.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Free)

Earlier this year, Star Wars: Galactic Defense was announced as a tower defense games with elements from the Star Wars universe. The game has finally been released onto the Play Store as a free app with some in-app purchases.

The game lets you choose between siding with the Light or Dark side and offers some unique gameplay experiences on both ends, so there should be some replay value here. It’s still a tower defense game at its core, so if you’re a fan of tower defense games and Star Wars, you’ll probably want to pick this one up at least to try out.

Football Chairman ($4.99)

Build your own football empire! Create a football club from scratch, starting as a tiny non-league team, and see if you can make it through seven divisions to the very top. See your players win play-offs, cup competitions and eventually conquer Europe! Hire and fire managers, develop your stadium, negotiate transfers, contracts and sponsorship deals... while keeping both the fans and the bank...

manager happy. After the massive success of Football Chairman Lite, this new game includes a whole host of improved features, including: - Cup competitions - Play offs - European tournaments - Manager/fan interaction - Transfer-list unwanted players - Loan deals - View available managers before sacking your old one - Set ticket prices - Set price and quality of food and drink - Negotiate shirt sponsorship deals - Build a 120,000-capacity 'super stadium' - 35 in-game achievements to aim for - Redesigned interface and usability improvements Good luck... you'll need it! * Want to try a free version of the app before downloading this one? Search the app store for 'Football Chairman Lite'.

Tidal (Free)tidal

Tidal is a brand new music streaming service and it's got a secret weapon - a USP that makes it stand out from the crowd. On the surface it looks just like Spotify. It's got an excellent Chrome-based web player as well as decent iOS and Android apps. It offers comprehensive playlist functionality, sharing of music as well as offline listening. And the library is off to a good start with 25 million tracks. But instead of only serving up compressed music formats like MP3 and OGG - as do Spotify, Google Play Music and most of the others - Tidal offers music at CD quality. Yes, there's finally a fully-fledged music service that streams FLAC at 1411kbps. And I can tell you now, it's brilliant.

Rival Stars Basketball (Free)

The idea behind Rival Stars Basketball is that you collect various cards corresponding to your players, then combine and evolve them to become even better before pitting them at your opponent. Each match consists of you choosing a card to hopefully be stronger than your opponent’s choice with occasional interludes for more interactive gaming. The more interactive moments involve you swiping to either catch the ball or pass it to another player. They’re pretty simple but break things up well enough to ensure that each match is quite appealing. Early on it seems like you can never fail, but you’ll soon realize that accurate passing and shooting does make a difference.

There’s a campaign mode but the focus of Rival Stars Basketball is its online tournament mode as the campaign mode isn’t hugely lengthy. Playing against other players and watching your rank steadily improve is reasonably satisfying anyhow. That’s also where you feel most proud of yourself as you put together an increasingly strong side to fight it out. Rival Stars Basketball would be a pretty entertaining game but the aforementioned energy bars and timers really restrict what can be accomplished. You’ll soon find yourself limited in what you can do given that each match only takes a few minutes but can often take quite a lot of energy.Patient gamers will still enjoy what Rival Stars Basketball offers, but those who want something lengthier will soon find their attention drifting elsewhere.

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