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Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. All the apps below are selected from hundreds and thousands programs that made their names in the past week on internet, so without a doubt you can be rest assured of their quality and efficiency. What they say, they will do it as well.

Install Windows 10
Internet Explorer 10 is an integral component of Windows 8. Not only does it enable touch browsing on tablets running the new OS, but actually powers some of its new-style Windows 8 apps. Until very recently, IE10 was only available for Windows 8, clearly the focus of development for Microsoft over the past year. But now the hundreds of millions of Windows 7 users can enjoy the new browser's superior speed and standards support. They also don't have to deal with one of the main problems with IE10 on Windows 8, the confusion between two flavors—the full-screen, touch-focused new-style incarnation and the familiar desktop version.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Free
The latest incarnation of Adobe's flagship image-editing application, Photoshop CS2 ($599 direct, $149 upgrade) is packed with a variety of dramatic and practical enhancements. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is Vanishing Point, a filter with simple tools for drawing grids to define perspective planes in your image. Once Vanishing Point understands the image's angle of perspective, it can automatically distort a layer to match the scene. This makes it a cinch, for example, to map text or images onto the sides of buildings perfectly.

Even better, Vanishing Point features a clone stamp tool that works within the established perspective. Imagine a photo of a skyscraper shot from the ground; Vanishing Point could clone windows from the bottom floors onto the upper floors of the building, scaling down the clones in perfect perspective. Once you wrap your head around this tool, it's an invaluable asset.

 UC Browser for Android
As of 2012, the users of UC Browser has jumped to 0.4 billion all over the world. A ton of positive feedback drastically increase the numbers of users. UC browser is well-reviewed for providing a smart and shine online experience, as well as a few humanstic models.

Handcent SMS
Android's management of text messages leaves much to be desired, which is why enhancement apps proliferate. Like others, the free Handcent SMS pops up text messages on your screen, complete with the contact's photo (if you've got one for that person) the message, management icons, and a text field for replies. You have some control over the theme and skin, and many more customizations when it comes to notifications and adding a personal signature. We'd like to see a greater number of skins and themes in future releases, but even as is, Handcent SMS is a must-have for all Android texters.

Normal: Battery Analytics (Paid : $0.99)
Normal is a battery diagnosis service that suggests personalized actions you can take to extend your battery life. By aggregating data from hundreds of thousands of users, Normal is able to accurately and precisely pinpoint the battery hogs on your device, tell you whether or not this is also happening to other people, and project by how much time you will extend the battery by killing each hog.

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On this page, you can find detailed information about the file itself, download information, its demographics distribution, security rating given by users, antivirus reports from AV applications, user's reviews and comments for the file and much more, which can help you to decide if the file can be safe or threat for your computer.

Probably you navigated to this page because some problems with this file or in need of more information. Solving a file-based issue can be sometimes very difficult task even for computer experts. For this and for system monitoring purposes we have developed a free tool which helps you greatly to keep your system under control in very easy and user-friendly way. This tool can also help you to solve problems with high CPU loads, find security issues or speed-up your computer.

Camera51 – a smarter camera
Camera51 automatically detects and analyzes faces, scenes, objects and lines and guides you to the perfect frame in every click. Camera51invites you to start taking photos like a professional. It uses photography principals used by professional photographers and artists and applies this vast and amazing knowledge in a fun and simple interface.

All you have to do is place the smartphone icon in the "Aim-Box" and BAM! you've got yourself a photo that looks like a million bucks

 Freegate 7.42
Freegate is an anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access. This circumvention proxy anonymity software is used by millions in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and many other countries. Access blocked website with ease.

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