Tips How To Promote Your Blog Posts After You Publish

The majority of traffic that comes to a blog post comes within the first day or so after it's published. You can get bumps in traffic long after a blog post is published, but more often, the bulk of the traffic to a blog post comes sooner rather than later. With that in mind, it's important to promote your blog posts and increase traffic to them immediately after you publish them. This is particularly important for posts about timely topics but applies to all of your blog posts.

If you will just wait for the traffic to come to your newly published blog post automatically, you are making a huge mistake. You need to actively go out, and tell people that there is a new blog post, which is live on my blog. Make sure you submit it to places where your target audiences are, don’t share all your posts on your Facebook wall, as it consists of your friends and family who are not really interested in the topic you write about.

Google plus Page
People who are connected with your blog via Google plus page, are the one who wants to see more from your blog. If you are too lazy to share your content on Google plus page, you can automate the process using Hootsuite app. To spice up your sharing, you can follow these Google plus tips and tricks, which will make your share stand out.

More over, constantly publishing on your Google plus page will help you to show your Google plus page in Google search, when somebody searches for your brand-name.

If you don't already have a fan page for your blog, I highly recommend it. Every time you publish a new blog post, share the link on your page. You can also share it on your personal page if you wish. There are a few easy ways to have Facebook post it automatically for you as well.

Share to a Google+ Notification Circle
While technically this is part of step 4, I wanted to add it as a new step to stress its importance. Using the technique outlined here, I have cultivated a notification circle on Google+ of hundreds of people. These people have asked to be notified any time I share brand new blog posts. So, as I am creating that first Google+ post, I also edit the audience to include this circle and mark the notification option, so as soon as it's shared, all of these people instantly get a notification.

Tweet Your Blog Post to Your Twitter Followers
Twitter is a perfect place to share a link to your blog post as soon as you publish it. There are many tools that enable you to automatically publish a link to your latest blog post on your Twitter stream, or you can share it manually. Following are some articles that can help you.

You should have at least one pin-able picture in every blog post and always pin it to Pinterest! I honestly probably get 80% of my traffic from Pinterest. It is becoming such a huge social media site that it can help your blog posts SO MUCH!

Share to LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups
Most LinkedIn Share widgets will give you a dialogue box that lets you simultaneously post a status update as well as Group posts. Just as with Google+, the blog will be posted as a title, image and description, but you still want to add that introduction. It can be the same or similar to what you used on Google+. A lot depends on the kinds of conversations you have on one network or the other. Make sure that you're only sharing quality content with appropriate groups, and if you need to adjust the commentary for specific groups so that it creates a better discussion starter, share to those groups separately.

Include a Link to the Post in Your Email Newsletter
If you have an email opt-in form on your blog and collect email addresses from readers in order to send email newsletters and communications to them, then those email messages are a great place to share links to your blog posts. Make sure you include a snippet along with the link to entice them to click through and read the complete blog post. 

StumbleUpon is a content discovery network, and one of the oldest and popular social-bookmarking website. StumbleUpon may not work with all kind of content, but if your content is picked up by many users, it can drive thousands of traffic in short-span of time. All you need to do is, submit your latest post with proper tags, description, and wait for the magic to happen.

Add it to your newsletter
If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter for your blog, don't forget to share a snippit from your posts as well as the links to the posts! I don't offer a newsletter yet for my blog, but it is a really great idea!

Add to Buffer
As mentioned above, I no longer use to share to Buffer. Instead, I use the Buffer extension for Chrome. If the article is a news story or time-sensitive, I will skip this step as my Buffer queue can be as much as a month out. But for all my other blogs and articles, they're added to my Buffer to be reshared at a later date. You can read more about Buffer here.

Advertise Your Blog Post
There are many ways to advertise a blog post, but one of the best is through Twitter Sponsored Tweets. Your tweet that includes a link to your blog post is a lot more likely to be noticed by more people if it's highlighted in people's Twitter streams as a Sponsored Tweet. It's worth testing! Learn more about Twitter advertising.

I highly recommend joining and using Bloglovin. It is basically just another way to follow your favorite blogs, but if you add a "follow me" button on your sidebar, you will be one of those favorite blogs that someone else is following. It's really easy to add a button, and Ilove the layout of Bloglovin. Once you connect your blog, it will automatically publish your blog post to the Bloglovin feed, so whoever is following you will see your new post without you having to share any links! Easy!

Post to BizSugar.
BizSugar is a service that I will cover in more detail in another post, but it is a great place to share and find content on marketing and technology and business topics.

Syndicate Your Blog Post
There are many websites and offline companies that syndicate blog content to their audiences. You can increase traffic to your blog posts by syndicating them, and some content syndication companies even pay you to syndicate your content with them.

Ask other bloggers to share it
Don't be afraid to ask for help from your blogger friends. At the bottom of your blog post add in something like "Share this post if your found it interesting!" or, "If you liked this post, please share it with your friends!" You will be surprised how many people will help you out if you just ask for it.

Check Triberr
By this time, Triberr usually has checked my RSS feed and imported the new post. If not, you can do a manual import to make sure it gets there, or just wait and check it again later. I also hop on Triberr once or twice a day to review my tribemate's blog posts and and select which ones I want to share.

Comment on other blogs close to that topic
and nicely leave your post link. That does NOT mean go to a random blog, skip reading the post to go directly to their comment section, leave your link and say "check out this post." Just no! You have to make sure it is on the same topic as your blog post or in the same niche. Thoroughly read their post, comment about something you liked or agreed with in their post and then you can share your link with something like "I wrote a post a week ago that is very closely along the same lines as yours! I think you would like to read mine for a different view, let me know what you think about it as well. I would love your opinion!"

Instagram is fairly new but becoming huge, quickly. I love Instagram for my personal pictures, but sharing your blog post pictures on Instagram can help you tons! Some of your followers might only be following you on one social media platform such as Instagram, so share everything just in case!

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