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In the extremely difficult market of apps making the point of difference is the toughest part. To be renowned every App Developer must tap the very basic needs of humans. SeeU has tapped one such need, the simple idea is to make our life easier and less tangled. It is this generation’s cross-Platform mobile app that lets one organize his time be it leisure time or the busiest hour.

The digital marketing for this first of its kind mobile application will be handled by Tonic Media in 2 countries- India and UAE. The agency whose expertise includes  digital marketing, online user insight mining, social media, application/micro-site development, online brand building and digital ad management will lead the complete digital strategy for the recently launched community app.

Want to stay in touch your closed ones and also stay updated with interesting events happening around you? We have a solution for that, nope, it’s not a competition for Facebook or Foursquare, but an unique app to keep you updated and connected. Something that’ll arouse your curiousness and stay close to you.We are talking about SeeU, it’s a convenient free app that will help you to stay in touch with your friends and also let you find interesting events happening around you. Just like WhatsApp you can also form a group here and invite your gang.

SeeU is fast, convenient and highly intuitive tool that helps user with free time management, characterized by extensive location service. It is mobile directory and organizer in one that can easily adjust to suit your needs. Wherever you are – SeeU will notify you about the most interesting events in the area and allow constant contact with your friends.

The map also lets you know which of your friends are taking part or attending which event. Now missing an event will be by choice not by you being not notified. So you can plan your schedule according to the places you want to reach and the events you want to be a part of.

SeeU has thus the goal of keeping its users informed at every moment. It lets you stay in touch with your friends, attend events, organize events and invite people. In short a simple way to improve the quality if your social life. Not only just notifying about people, places or events, SeeU also helps you manage them effectively.

Key features
Here are some ways to use SeeU in order to benefit your social interactions

See how useful, user friendly and simple in use is our application. 

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