Whatsapp Bringing Awaited Free Call Feature

That is a common sight in the morning when turning on your phone. WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, seems to be getting more popular by the day. The only drawback it has had – especially compared to Viber – is the lack of voice calls. But no more, WhatsApp is finally bringing the long-awaited voice calling feature to your smartphone.

If rumors are to be believed, the popular messaging service WhatsApp is all geared up to launch a free voice calling feature for the 600 million active users that it has. Though there isn't any official report that has come, there have been some changes in the interface that suggest the upcoming feature. This new leaked screenshot of the App’s upcoming update for iOS shows off those supposed calling capabilities, designed to work along with iOS 7's design layout.

Whatsapp released a new version V.4.0.0 with the new feature “Free Voice Calling “added! It is recently for IOS and Android mobile phones only but it will come to the BlackBerry and Windows Phone later on. So, what is the new with this recent version?

The Whatsapp update V.4.0.0 is not on the stores yet, it is under beta stage to be released to the stores officially. Anyway, the new Whatsapp update has the long awaited “Free Voice Calling” feature where you could make international FREE phone call! In my opinion that will bring millions of new users to Whatsapp and it will take it to the next level. Here’s a picture of the “Free Voice Calling” feature from “iPhoneItalia”.

The camera button on the top also hints at video call functionality. WhatApp will allow free voice calls and video calls with your friends on your WhatsApp list over Wifi and Cellular.

It is also rumored that this functionality comes via Skype or using Skype’s voip technology as Facebook currently integrates Skype calling within its chat windows.

But is that everything about the new update?
Of course not, everything has ups and downs and for the ups of the new Whatsapp update are beside the “Free Voice Calling”
This may sound great and it really is! But it has some cons also which are:
Well those sounds nothing comparing to the new improvements like the “Translation” and better of course the “Free Voice Calling”!

With this feature WhatsApp may become the single point of social networking that everyone has been looking for. Now if only they could work out their battery drain.

Ever since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, the messaging service has seen a 15% rise in its traffic. This would also be the perfect time for Facebook to add this feature in this app, because almost all the competitors of Whatsapp, like Line, Viber, and Hike, have this feature and this is not something that should hold the giant back from retaining the top spot in the market.

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