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X is billed as the ‘last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy’. This bold claim refers to the fact that it includes multiple designs within the one package. The developers of this theme have called these unique designs Stacks and the package currently includes four different stacks, with more planned for the future.

Unlike some other themes that include skins and the ability to change the appearance using custom settings, these stacks really are unique designs. The X theme also includes a powerful set of options for customising the stacks which goes a long way to ensuring no two installations of this theme will look the same.

What’s the X theme all about?
The idea behind this monster of a theme is simple. To be the last theme you will ever have to buy. And to bring you multiple designs that are built based on input by some of the internet’s top marketing experts. I love the idea – mostly because I spend an insane amount of money on themes and most are so limited that I either have to pay someone to get it to look the way I want or I end up not using the theme and buying something different. It all costs a crazy amount of money so let’s see if this theme will do what we have always dreamed of.

Let your imagination fly high
The X WordPress theme gives shape to your dreams and thoughts. They come with unique built-in designs that are called stacks. Right now there are total 3 themes that you can choose from – (they are working on more)
Each of the stacks is unique and has its own features.  If integrity stack is a fresh and modern design for business sites and other professional sites then renew stack offers a clean design and icon stack comes with minimum design. Apart from this, the developers of the theme made it possible for the users to customize the themes so that no two themes will look identical.

Installing and basic setting up of the X theme
A walk in the park. Yes, that’s how easy it is to get the X theme working on your website. All you need are: Upload to WordPress database > Select the theme > Activate After activating, it will prompt you that you need to install several other plugins to make the X theme work properly such as:
Don’t worry, those are required to get the X theme running properly. After installation, you will see the Customizer option in your WordPress dashboard.

What about shortcodes for the X theme?

I really like that the X theme includes shortcodes in a plugin rather than in the theme itself. This is a huge time saver if you do end up wanting to change your theme in the future – or if you don’t want to use them at all because then you don’t need to install them at all. These can be added within the WordPress visual editor

The X customizer might look familiar as it has been built upon the native WordPress theme customisation menu. However, it’s been vastly upgraded to give you more control over how your site looks and functions. The customizer allows you to do pretty much anything that affects the appearance of your site, including:
Not only can all of the above modifications be made at the touch of a button, they can all be previewed live within the same browser window. The days of applying and refreshing are over with this theme. It’s also worth pointing out that while the changes can be previewed live, they aren’t visible to any visitors to your site until you confirm them. A really great feature of the customizer is the ability to import and export your settings. This means that you can create a site exactly how you want it, then export the configuration, and then import it on another site that has this theme installed, to quickly recreate the same look and feel. For anyone building sites for clients, the benefits should be obvious.

WooCommerce Integration
X theme easily transforms your WordPress website into a full fledged eCommerce storefront with the click of a mouse (and for absoluives you optiontely no additional cost).The X WordPress theme is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin for those who need it; however, if you don’t need an eCommerce feature on your site there will be no additional impact on your site’s performance.

X Theme Features

I got blown away by the list of this theme features. It is the most feature rich WordPress theme in the market today. Here is a preview of some feaures;
These are just some highlights. X theme is amazing in features, trust me.

Responsive Design
Responsive design is a must. With a growing number of users visiting websites on their smartphones and tablets, it’s not acceptable to offer a theme that isn’t usable on small screen devices. Thankfully the stacks that come with this theme swiftly respond to match screens of all sizes, thanks to their fluid layouts.

Layout and Navigation Options
The x theme is a perfect sample of flexibility. You can select your sidebar position (or no sidebar at all), choose a boxed or full-width layout, and set a custom width for your site all with the click of a button.With the Customizer, you have the option to make each element the perfect size while placing it exactly where you want it. Big static menu at the top or Small fixed menu on the right?

The best $60 you will ever spend
 Even though the premium WordPress theme comes with numerous features it is nothing but a child’s play to use it. If you are one of the many people who thinks that the theme comes with a tricky setup then you are highly mistaken. The only thing that could be a little time consuming is creating your own designs. However, this is just a little price you have to pay for this impeccable theme. You can avoid this if you are happy using one of the stacks that have been provided.

Even though the stacks are great I would personally recommend you to exploit the features of the theme and design something on your own. As far as setting up the theme is concerned there are numerous video tutorials that will walk you through the process. The time is also very moderately priced and is worth the pay. X is a breakthrough in the WordPress theme and is a winner. Over all it brings a lot on the table and is definitely a safe bet.There is just no limit – oh sorry! the limit is just your brain ;)

The X WordPress Theme has been updated to version 2.0! With it, comes a brand new magazine and blogging stack (the fourth stack for X), as well as fully featured MEGA MENUS for all stacks as well! YAY!

As a result of this update, our rating for the theme in this review has been altered to take into account the new functionality

X really brings something extra to the table, in terms of the individual unique designs that are included in one package. The vast amount of options for configuring those templates also helps make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create something of their own, based on an already appealing design.

When you consider the additional videos from internet experts that are included, then the package comes with everything you need to create a site that not only looks good but performs well.

Experts Contributions
One solid force behind this theme that makes it the king of WordPress themes is the diverse source of ideas and propositions. The X development team first sought out the top internet marketing minds to share their expertise on building the ultimate theme. The advice from these experts were taken and built right into the theme and training material.

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