Direct Bank Transfer for AdSense Payment in India

AdSense is planning to enable EFT payment for indian AdSense users. EFT (Electronic fund transfer) payment will ensure your AdSense earning will directly deposit into your bank account, and most important you don’t need to wait for receiving check and check clearance time.  As an AdSense publisher, this feature is beneficial and making our work paper-less. In this tutorial I will explain everything you need to for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account.

This whole setup process will not take more than 15 minutes, and I highly recommend you to do that to save time for future payment. Follow the steps mentioned below and keep your mobile phone handy, as you might need to call your bank customer care to get the IFSC and Swift code. Along with Direct bank deposit feature, now you can also specify the payment threshold and hold your payment for up-to one year. So, let’s get on with our quick guide for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account. 

EFT payment option, you have to following these steps:
On the next screen, you need to enter your bank account details. There are two details which you need to get from your bank. (IFSC code and Swift BIC code). To get the IFSC code and Swift code for your account, simply call your bank customer care and ask for it. In my case I’m using ICICI bank account and I have used following Swift code to receive payment: ICICINBBNRI . If you are calling ICICI bank they will provide you with 2 swift code CHASUS33XXX for USD and ICICINBBNRI for INR. You need to enter Swift code for INR and conversion will be taken care by your bank. This may change if you are using any other bank account, so I suggest you to re-confirm it from your bank customer care. 

Click on save payment and that’s it. Now you will receive money directly into your bank account and here are few more details which you need to know about updated AdSense Payment policy:
  1. You can update your payment method until 20th of any month.
  2. You can now use any AdSense payment threshold greater than minimum ($100) payment.
  3. You can hold your payment until any specific date; maximum up to 1 year. (Though I discourage you to use this feature, as you might face issue if AdSense decide to ban your account).
Note that all payments made or the payments which has recently been stopped by either you or AdSense team, as the case may be, would not be shown in the upgraded payment system. Therefore, to see the history of all payments made earlier, you need to go on payments tab and scroll down to the end of payment history page. Now, click on see your previous payments text link button .

Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” provided by Adsense

Question: How long will it take for my wire transfer payment to arrive in my bank account?
Answer: It may require 3-5 or more business days from the date when our bank informs us that it accepted the payment before the funds to appear in your bank account.

Question: My bank’s instructions show that I need to provide an intermediary bank, but the form within AdSense shows this as being optional.  What should I provide?
Answer: Our bank has the ability to look up the current intermediary information that is needed to properly route most payments and recommends that you leave these fields empty.

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