Another Winner Will Be Apple Watch

I like that it will come in two sizes, so the watch won’t feel giant on smaller hands, as some competing watches do.I also like that Apple will offer a variety of straps and materials, so fitness buffs can get a strap that’s stronger and sweat-proof, while those seeking a fashion accessory can opt for an 18-karat gold edition.

"We're not quite finished yet," Apple CEO Tim Cook said, before introducing the Apple Watch. "We have one more thing."

With a crown on the side, which allows you to navigate the watch without blocking the screen, the Apple Watch features a shrunk-down version of iOS 8, highly specialized for Apple Watch. The digital crown, when held down, will also activate Siri.

You view all of your apps as tiny circles on the screen, and touch each one to open it. To zoom into objects, you use the Apple Watch's digital crown.

You can also swipe through information efficiently, and you can even share data with other watches nearby.

You can personalize the watchfaces, as well as their capabilities. You can also choose from up to six differently-designed straps, which offers different types of functionality: A sportband is sweat- and chemical-resistant, while the leather loop is soft and quilted for fastening and adjustment. The modern leather buckle closes with a solid metal clasp that goes symmetrically around the wrist. There's a classic buckle, too, and there's also a stainless steel link bracelet.

There's also a Milanese loop that's formed from stainless steel mesh that's "infinitely adjustable."

"We love to make technology more personal and allow our users to do things they never have imagined," Cook said. "We have been working incredibly hard for a long time on an entirely new product."

The design of the Apple Watch is better than any conventional watch priced around $350: "There is nothing that comes close to the fluidity, attention to detail, or simple build quality found on the Apple Watch in this price bracket." The Apple Watch's design is restrained enough to be worn by men, women, and children: "They didn't exaggerate the options and make one decidedly male oriented at 44 mm and a girly equivalent at 35 mm or the like."

Release date
For a gadget that supposedly keeps the time, the iWatch release date rumors have been all over the place. It highlights the fact that no one outside of Apple has the full scoop. Most reports tilt toward an October launch with mass production kicking off later this month. iWatch would be right on time. Google's first Android Wear smartwatches just released care of the Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and soon Moto 360, and none work with iPhones. But at least one analyst believes that the Apple iWatch has been delayed to November with mass production beginning as late as September. That's hardly enough time to manufacturer the targeted 10 million smartwatches that have been suggested for the iWatch launch window. Rather than a delay into 2015, though, we suspect it'll mean a limited supply in October or November - just like that hard-to-find, buzz-generating gold iPhone 5S last year.

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