Android App Horizon That Prevents Vertical Videos

Vertical videos are the bane of our time. As much as we all hate them when we click play, we don’t really remember to turn our device on its side so we can record a proper horizontal video. Google Camera came up with a solution to that with one of its earlier versions where the app doesn’t record unless it detects your device is held correctly and I think that was genius. It’s something Apple should consider brining to iOS. Horizon is an Android app that takes the fight against vertical videos one step further and lets you hold you device any way you want while it continues recording in the correct landscape mode. The free version of the app lets you record for fifteen seconds and an upgrade worth $0.99 will let you record without any time restrictions. With the free version, you also get a watermark at the bottom right of your video and promotional animation for Horizon at the end.

The app was developed by the folks at Evil Window Dog, and it made its grand debut yesterday to much huzzah-ing and other exclamations of joy. The premise is simple: using the phone’s gyroscope, the app keeps your video level at all times.

Ever since people started taking video on their smartphones, the internet has been plagued with countless terrible vertical videos filled with thick black bars that are like sticking thumbtacks into the viewers’ eyes. After years of wailing comments simply saying “vertical,” there may finally be hope on the horizon with an app named, appropriately enough, Horizon.

Horizon automatically captures images and videos horizontally no matter how you hold your phone. That means all those horizontally challenged movie makers and photographers won't even have the option for a vertical shot. The aspect ratio is forced into 16:9.

Horizon also has some options to change it to a 1:1 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Additionaly, users can set the app to rotate as normal, rotate and scale the frame to fill the screen as it turns, and no rotation modes. There are even options to adjust the resolution to be VGA, 720p or Full HD.

For now, Horizon is an iOS only app with no word on whether this will be coming to Android anytime soon. To get your own, head over to the iTunes App Store and be ready to drop $1 of your hard-earned cash. Yeah, we were bummed that it wasn’t free too, but even that is a special 50% off introductory price — and besides, $1 is a small price to pay to do away with VVS.

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